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High quality silver fir christmas tree, nordman fir and spruce pine
are for sale at special low prices in wholesale amounts!

Buy excellent quality spruce and fir pine trees directly from the producer!
Pinefarm trees as low as from € 4.5 / piece!

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Our company gained a lot of experience in planting and propagation of pine trees. We have worked on this field more than 20 years, specialized in sprucesilver and nordmann fir.

Our plantation is located in Hungary with excellent natural resources. We have about 30 ha land for the spruce in Zala and Somogy regions. You can buy our trees in a variety of sizes from 60 till 300 centimetres. We sell our pine trees in large, wholesale amounts, with or without roots. From spruce trees we have naturally grown and shaped. To keep our prices low, the minimum order is about 200 trees at a time.

You can pick your own trees at the plantation, or we can do that for you as well if you wish. You can see our prices below in these three tables. Please note, these prices are just guidelines, we can set up a customized price for you as well if it is necessary:


It is from the family of pines (Pinaceae). The fully grown tree can be 20–60 or maximum 95 metres high. It has twisted branches and cone shape crown. The leaves have four blades and they are spreaded. The pine-needle falls down at the age of 4–10 years. The leftover pieces make the branches rough on the surface.

Cut spruce
Tree size Standard quality prices Extra high quality prices
100-150 cm € 4.5 € 5
150-180 cm € 6 € 7
180-250 € 7.5 € 8


Spruce with root
Tree size Price
100-150 cm € 6


Silver fir
(Picea pungens)

One of the post popular tree to use as Christmas tree or a decorative plant in the garden. The leaves are blue-green color, covered with thick layer of wax. It  is a mid size species, can grow about 25-30, rarely 46 metres high. It develops a nice, even cone shape foliage that later becomes more barrel form as it gets older. The pine-needles grow in a circles.

Cut silver fir
Tree size Standard quality prices Extra high quality prices
125-150 cm € 6.5 € 7.5
150-200 cm € 8.5 € 9.5
200 + € 10 € 11


Silver fir with roots
Tree size Price
100-125 cm € 6
125-150 cm € 7.5


Nordmann fir
(Abies nordmanniana)

The Caucasian fir or Nordmann-fir can grow 20-30 metres. It is a cone shape tree with slightly upgrowing branches. It is ideal for Christmas tree. Its leaves stand in a half circle on the upper part of the sprout. The curvy leaves are shiny green color with two white stripes on the bottom. It smells like orange smearing them.

Cut Nordmann fir
Tree size Standard quality prices Extra high quality prices
100-125 cm € 9 € 10
125-150 cm € 12 € 13
150-175 cm € 14 € 15
175-200 cm € 17 € 18
200 + cm € 19 € 21


Nordmann fir with roots
Tree size Price
80-125 cm € 11